Woman stormed her married ex-boyfriend’s bedroom at night and demanded, at knife point, that they rekindle their affair.


A JILTED Plumtree woman, 21, stormed her married ex-boyfriend’s bedroom at night and demanded, at knife point, that they rekindle their affair. The boyfriend and his wife had to flee half-naked when a marauding Melody Bhebhe assaulted them on Sunday last week. A policewoman who tried to stop the fight, is lucky to have lived to tell the tale after the woman vented her anger on her, leaving her needing medical attention.
Bhebhe who was bitter over her separation with Fortune Monga, 23, allegedly broke down a door to gain entry into the house.
Police sources told Chronicle that Bhebhe found Monga asleep in his bedroom with his wife.
“Bhebhe started assaulting her ex-boyfriend and threatened to stab him with a knife if he did not take her back. Monga and his wife fearing for their lives, fled from the house and alerted their neighbour who is a police officer,” said a source.
Moreen Ncube who is stationed at Plumtree police station tried to restrain Bhebhe but instead got a beating herself.
“She turned on the police officer and kicked her several times on the chest for restraining her from stabbing her ex-lover. The police officer who developed chest problems as a result of the assault had to seek medical assistance,” said the source.


Scores of neighbours had to gang up to assist Ncube arrest Bhebhe.
The source said Bhebhe went to her ex-lover’s house in Madube’s area on September 28 at around 3AM, banged against the door and demanded to speak with him.
“The man who was with his wife in the bedroom came out and ordered his wife to lock the door behind him to stop his ex-girlfriend from entering,” said the source.
Bhebhe allegedly insisted on entering the bedroom after ordering Monga to take her back.
Chronicle caught up with Bhebhe after the fracas and said the police officer had no business interfering in her fight with her ex-lover. She insisted that she was still in love with Monga.
“That woman found me fighting with my lover and it was none of her business to interfere as she does not know the kind of relationship I have with Monga. I was angry because my lover was not treating me well and that is why I fought with him,” said Bhebhe.
She said she was aware that Monga had a wife and revealed that they had agreed that their relationship would go on regardless.
Monga, however, insisted that he was not double-crossing his wife with Bhebhe.
She is expected to appear in court soon facing charges of assault and resisting arrest.

Source: Chronicle