Zanu PF members attacked using fire arms and axes

VIOLENCE flared up Sunday in Guruwe as  Zimbabwe People  First (ZimPF) members reportedly attacked Zanu PF members using fire arms and axes.

Several people were injured  and houses burnt in the latest round of clashes.

“Top Zimbabwe People First and  Zanu  PF guys fought. Fire arms and axes were used and in the process houses were set ablaze” said a source close to the incident.

“Those injured refused to be admitted at Guruve hospital and were ferried to Harare.Only ZimPF  members have been arrested so far”.

According to sources, ZimPF members instigated the violence at Kachara area.

“They wrecked havoc around Guruve CBD as all those who were suspected to be Zanu PF  activists were slapped and kicked ruthlessly.

“The guys then moved on with their mission to discipline their intended target  Mondo and Gava both Zanu PF  cadres with high ranks in the district and political structures. These two were left half dead.

“All nearby houses  in Kachara were set in flames as all their owners had fled for dear life.After all these disturbances the guys got into their cars drove back to where they have come from along Guruve Mvurwi road”.

Source – Byo24News