Zimbabwe Controversial & Popular Raunchy Dancer Bev Sibanda in Lesb*an storm


Dancer Beverly Sibanda is being targeted by a Bulawayo lesbian who is demanding to bed her.

The self-confessed lesbian identified as Shylon Nkomazana has been sending Bev romantic messages on Whatsapp since Tuesday trying to lure her into bed.

She even went on to send n*de pics doing their acts with other women whom she claims to be also from Bulawayo.

Shylon Nkomazana
Shylon Nkomazana

In the conversation, Shylon started by provoking Bev accusing her of being a prostitute before claiming that she is a police Officer. She then later told Bev she is a lesbian and that she admires her s*xy body.

Read some of Shylon’s messages, “ I want u soo bad I wanna strip you and teach you what we do…with your tight a**… I stay in Bulawayo send yo pic hun I want u cz I feel tht I deserv u..dn act lyk u dn lyk it.”

Responded Bev, “Ah sorry I don’t do that um not a lesbian..I gut a boyfriend…nyc bodyy so luk for a boyyme..ndichakutsvagira mamwe malesbians..lets be friends.

Shylon Nkomazana
Shylon Nkomazana

In an interview, Bev said Shylon said she is prepared to come to Harare anytime if she agrees. “She started calling me a bit** and later told me that she was a lesbian and she wants to bed me and is prepared to come here. I told her that I am not a lesbian but could help her find one but she said she wanted to sample me.

“She stays in Bulawayo and was prepared to come to Harare anytime if I agreed to date her. I threatened to block her but she went on to send me her n*de pictures with other women whilst demanding my pictures,” said Bev.

Contacted for comment, Shylon admitted that she is a lesbian and indeed wished to ‘sample’ Bev.

She, however, went on to claim that she is bis*xual and usually does nature’s grandest activity with both men and women.

“Yeah, I am a lesbian but I have feelings for both men and women,” she said. “I just like Bev’s body and I want to feel her. She is denying(sic) but I am having plans to come to Harare during Christmas holiday to convince her since I stay in Bulawayo. Given she agrees in time, I will come there(Harare) for her.

” I don’t see anything wrong with that, that’s what I am and no one can change me. Its my personal feeling,’ she said.

Shylon, however said she has a boyfriend and is aware that she is a lesbian.

“For your own information, I have a boyfriend and he is aware that I also love other women. He doesn’t have a problem with it,’ she said.

Source: H-Metro