Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe’s life in danger


HARARE- First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s life is reportedly still not out of the woods, as a confederacy of what is said to be downtrodden Zanu PF elites, who have suffered politically and financially from their dismissal from government last year, by President Robert Mugabe’s shock purges of top officials accused of conniving to ouster him, are aiming at “stopping” her from what now appears to be a clean and safe passage to power, as Emmerson Mnangagwa’s deputy, should he ascend to the presidency this year, The Telescope News reported on Tuesday.

Grace Mugabe

The publication, has through its Special Investigations Unit (SIU) last month brought to light reports of alleged “hit-men”, who a fired former cabinet minister insinuated could have already sneaked into the country, to take out Grace, although many people dismissed his disclosures as sour grapes, and that assassins had no chance in Zimbabwe, considering that it is a peaceful state, with very capable intelligence operatives working round the clock to protect Mugabe and his wife.

The Mugabes easily boast of one of the heaviest security on the continent, including some Chinese bodyguards, which have been spotted one time accompanying the first lady for a public function, as she went about with a charity event in Harare. Since 2010 Grace has also reportedly turned down Zimbabwean bodyguards for her foreign trips to the far east, especially in Hong Kong where their daugther, Bona was attending university, and graduated in 2011.

Vice president, Mnangagwa could have unwittingly betrayed a close guarded power-exchange secret, when he last week praised Mugabe’s wife, describing her as “stronger than a nuclear bomb”, thus igniting speculation than the first lady could be moving a step up into the presidium.

“We didn’t know that President Mugabe had a strong weapon. Stronger than a nuclear bomb. When Dr Mugabe was invited to lead the women’s league she exposed corruption and changed our perceptions,” said Mnangagwa.

“This country is in for a rude awakening before the end of 2015, because many comrades are very bitter about Amai Grace Mugabe,” said one of Mugabe’s ex-ministers. “Do you think it’s all just going to end happy ever after? Someone was very close to serving this country at the very top, and someone without any liberation credentials comes from nowhere to shatter it. They are baying for her blood.”

Some fallen party heavyweight cadres such as former presidential affairs minister, Didymus Mutasa, and ex- intelligence minister, Nicholas Goche have been quoted by the media allegedly saying that Mugabe will be shot, if he refused to hand power to Joice Mujuru.

The first lady herself has already pin-pointed, dethroned VP Mujuru, as having intentions to kill her the “Gaddafi way”.

Speaking to a group of cross-border traders in Mazowe in Novemeber 2014, Grace said Mujuru had told many people that once Mugabe died, she would draw the first lady close to her “and put me in her pocket”.

“She said ‘the day her husband dies, I will drag her in the streets, people laughing at her while her flesh sticks on the tarmac surface’. She said we would ‘do it the Gaddafi way of dragging and parading her (Grace Mugabe) on the tarmac’.”

No official comment was fruitful from the president’s office, as his spokesman, George Charamba, was out of office.

The first lady has since beefed-up her security, and is understood to be having her own state-sponsored motorcade, with armored vehicles, ever-since being promoted to lead the Zanu PF Women’s league.

Armored cars, are completely bullet proof and can withstand extreme degrees of heat. They are mostly utilized by the military, but many companies such as Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, and BMW have created armored cars for civilian use, usually to protect valuables and/or dignitaries, according to free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. 

Source: The Telescope News