Zimbabwe Flamboyant Businessman left with an egg on the face


Businessman Wicknell Chivayo says he bumped into Floyd Mayweather in Dubai and was brushed off.He said : “Yesterday was another interesting day. As I went down stairs to have my amazing halal breakfast on the pool side I bumped into the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather in the elevator. I tried to beg for a picture but his four muscular body guards shouted Small guy ” no pictures “. The voice and expression on their faces showed if I made any further efforts I was in for hiding. To comfort myself I answered back in my heart though saying shut up you four stupid body guards.definitely have more money than all of you combined.

They probably all earn some ridiculous thirty or forty thousand dollars a month each. If by any chance Mayweather was alone and refused a picture I would surely have beaten the hell out of him. I grew up in the hardcore ghetto and professional boxing with well paid judges and referees is completely different from the actual street fighting. He’s a little tiny thing and the easiest would be to hold him round and tackle him down with force.

Sir Wicknell Chivayo
Sir Wicknell Chivayo with a hot chick

I played rugby at school so that’s easy and if anything street fighting has no rules so I’m allowed to bite or pick up stones or bottles , the only important thing is to win. I asked my personal butler who was escorting me why I hadn’t bumped into him in the last three days and making things worse he said Sir Chivayo you are staying in a junior suite 13th floor which is four thousand dollars a night and Floyd is staying in 27th floor Premium Executive Suite which is thirty two thousand dollars a night.

From the airport you used the Rolls Royce which is seven hundred dollars and takes forty minutes and he used our Helicopter which is five thousand dollars for airport pick up and takes ten minutes. The year has ended on a good note with some life lessons….From the bottom of my heart I want to apologise to all those I have refused to take pictures with , I now know how it feels. Having said that if you bump into me walking fast on the streets common sense should tell you I’m avoiding traffic so I’m rushing for a meeting somewhere. As well don’t also expect me to park and get out of my car just for a picture….Rino igore redzidzo.