Zimbabwe hot & controversial dancer Bev Sibanda in a fistfight Live on stage (VIDEO)


Controversial and attention seeking stripper Beverly Sibanda was on Sunday involved in a brawl over money with one of her dancers during a show.

The quarrel started after Bev(real name Junior Zinhu) suggested that the wages for one of the dancers identified as Evernice should be deducted after she turned up for the show late

Evernice did not like the suggestion one bit, she then insulted and grabbed Bev resulting in them exchanging blows before being restrained by some of the dancers.

The incident is said to have happened during the group’s break and they delayed to return to the stage.

Bev Sibanda
Beverly Sibanda Live on Stage

Bev confirmed the fracas while accusing her dancer of in discipline. “It happened but she is the one to blame,” said Bev. ” She came to work late and that was not the first time, so some of my dancers suggested that we deduct US$10 from her wages. When she arrived I told her the news and she challenged me, resulting in the brawl,” she continued.

The Sexy Angels boss said the incident had affected their show on the days since it dampened the mood of the other dancers.

Evernice’s number was not reachable.

Bev’s Manager, Harpers Mapimhidze also confirmed the incident and said it was an unfortunate development that went on to affect the flow of the show.

bev on stage
Beverly Sibanda Zimbabwe Dancer live on stage

“It was unfortunate, we don’t support such behavior at shows, we don’t support violence,” he said.