Zimbabwe Journalist mysteriously disappears after he hand delivered a “Please resign letter” to President Mugabe


Occupy Africa Unity Aquare protest leader Itai Dzamara has been allegedly abducted by suspected state agents while at a barbershop in his neighbourhood, VOA reported.

Occupy Africa Unity Square secretary general Charles Nyoni says Dzamara was abducted by five men who forcibly shoved him in a white Isuzu twin cab.

Itai Dzamara
Itai Dzamara

Nyoni tells Studio 7 the men approached Dzamara and accused him of stealing a cow before they grabbed him.

He says efforts to locate him are proving too futile as the police are professing ignorance over the issue.

Dzamara has previously been arrested for demonstrating and calling on President Robert Mugabe to step down. Last year he handed over a petition at Munhumutapa Offices encouraging the president to step down immediately and pave way for fresh elections.

The Harare journalist rose to fame in October last year when he did the unthinkable. Dzamara shocked all and sundry after he hand-delivered a letter to President Robert Mugabe’s official office. The letter was simply asking President Mugabe to step down.

Surprisingly, Dzamara was not even beaten up by any of the State security agents. He then mistaken the rare ‘forgiveness’ with heroism and went on to stage one-man demonstrations at Africa Unity Square, demanding to meet President Mugabe. That is when police officers and Zanu PF youths reportedly decided to beat him up.

On 6 November last year, Dzamara was assaulted by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police in public.

The assault was carried out at the Africa Unity Square in Harare where Dzamara has been leading seat in protests demanding President Robert Mugabe to come and give a reply to a letter delivered to his secretary demanding the president to step down. This was in fact the second time Itai Dzamara had been bashed.

On 28 October 2014, the defiant journalist severely beaten by Zanu-PF hooligans before he was nabbed by Harare police for staging protest marches calling for President Mugabe to step down over the country’s comatose economy.

Before being allegedly abducted, Dzamara, a practicing journalist had vowed to abandon his profession in order to concentrate on anti-Mugabe demos synonymous with those held in Egypt and Tunisia culminating in leaders leaving office.

In his last year’s petition to President Mugabe, Dzamara urged veteran Zanu PF leader not to unleash security details on demonstrating people but his plea has fallen on deaf ears as police continue to harass and arrest anyone staging mass protests.

The unrestrained journo has also launched intensive campaigns on Social Media and has attracted a massive following in the past few months.