Zimbabwe Justice Minister Mnangagwa in a nasty fight with President Mugabe’s wife (Video)


Justice Minister Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has dismissed First Lady Grace Mugabe’s grand proposals to have rape convicts instantly decapitated before they can ever appeal against their sentences.
Grace Mugabe earlier in the year said she wants to see men who have been convicted sent to the gallows before they can even appeal. There shouldn’t be a moment for thought because there is no place in society for such people, she said at the 2014 edition of the World Blood Donor Day commemorations held in Chinhoyi. In her address Mrs Mugabe appeared to suggest that the men should be decapitated even at the point the accusations are levelled against them.

President Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe, a former typist in his office, married in 1996

But Justice Minister Mnangagwa last week viciously dismissed the proposals stopping short of calling them foolish. Addressing the senate, Minister Mnangagwa said they were not appropriate for a civilised society that Zimbabwe is.

Said Mnangagwa, “our laws are weak and they need to be strengthened. But I do not agree that the heads of rapists should be cut, but they should be incarcerated for many years, and even given life sentences, but not to cut off their heads,

“We are also seeking guidance from specialist psychologists. People ask us why the sentencing seems to be very light and they are saying the sentencing should be tightened.
“For us to give a death sentence — it is impossible. Some are saying the problem is that the perpetrators are given bail and they go back to their homes. We are also looking into that issue. At Cabinet level, we were advised to make amendments here and there to tighten the sentencing.”

Mnangagwa counter-proposed rather community engagement measures involving chiefs, headmen and religious leaders to create conditions that discourage people from rape crime.

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa is reportedly trying his best to be the people’s choice as the battle to succees President MUgabe gets more hot and nastier. The crocodile, as he is fondly referred to, recently declared that as long as he is the Minister of Justice all inmates who were sentenced to death will never be hanged as he allegedly values human life.

Mnangagwa has been reported to be leading a faction which is vying for taking over from Mugabe when he eventually decided to retire. It is believed that as Mnangagwa prepares for ruling Zimbabwe, he is trying to ‘buy’ Zimbabweans’ hearts by showing desperate and seemingly remorseful legal offenders and the nation t large his soft side.

President Robert Mugabe also is reported to have discussed the succession hand over, with Chinese leader Xi Jinping during his recent visit to Beijing last month, The Telescope News reported. According to a presidential party delegate who travelled with Mugabe, the explosive Zanu PF succession issue was high on the agenda, when Mugabe met Jinping for a closed door evening meeting, a day after he arrived in China, which was not disclosed to both Zimbabwean and Chinese media.

Earlier this year, the Telescope News also alleged that hard-line military generals and long serving secret service operatives, have reportedly completed a mind map and political strategy to install Mnangagwa, as the second republic president of Zimbabwe, with equal enthusiasm to appoint Muchinguri as the new vice president under the justice minister, our investigations collaborate. 

Source: MyZimbabwe