Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai cancels provincial meeting due to accident


KWEKWE — MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai was last Friday forced to cancel his scheduled address at the party’s Midlands North provincial meeting after some of the delegates to the meeting were involved in a road accident which killed 10 people along the Gokwe-Empress Road.

Morgan Tsvangirai

The accident involved a Harare-bound InterAfrica bus which veered off the road and landed on its side 40km outside Gokwe centre.

Inter Africa bus accident
Inter Africa bus accident

MDC-T provincial secretary Felix Zifunze said Tsvangirai was forced to abandon the meeting after it emerged the party’s Gokwe-Kabuyuni district chairperson Shoeshine Siyamandanda had died in the bus accident on his way to Kwekwe.

Several other party activists, among them Gokwe-Kana councillor, Mazhambe Zisumbu, were seriously injured.

“Tsvangirai had to abandon the meeting because of the accident and ended up joining the families of those who perished in the accident, including our Gokwe-Kabuyuni chairperson Shoeshine Siyamandada, who died in the fatal accident,” Zifunze said.

MDC-T national executive member, Willard Somerai said Tsvangirai only learnt about the accident after he was already in Kwekwe.

“He was already in Kwekwe, but did not proceed to the venue after receiving the sad news,” he said.

“Now a new date will have to be set for the induction meeting.”

Source: SouthernEye