Zimbabwe Politburo Stands By Vice President Mujuru, Grace Mugabe Rubbished & her reckless attacks described as nonsense


Vice President Joice Mujuru is going nowhere and will remain firmly in position second only to the President, ZimEye can reveal, in this development which has left President Robert Mugabe’s wife, Grace with eggs on her face as the senior party spokesman described some allegations as “nonsense.”

The comments come on the same day as Grace Mugabe made a public call for Mujuru to resign ‘or else’.

ZimEye can exclusively reveal that ZANU PF’s senior decision making body, the politburo is not moving to suspend Mujuru in the face of the numerous allegations raised by Grace Mugabe. ZANU PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo told ZimEye Thursday night,

“There is nothing that is going to happen to Mai Mujuru. Mai Mujuru is the Vice President of this country, Second Secretary of the party and she remains in that position,” said Gumbo.

But there have been serious allegations that she is harbouring corruption, and she is engaged in corruption and she has done all sorts including sponsoring opposition parties, our reporter asked. To this Gumbo replied,

“Have you proven that? That’s why we are saying we don’t operate on allegations. We operate on facts, hearsay and all that nonsense,” he said.

The development confirms an earlier expose by ZimEye in which another senior politburo boss said Jonathan Moyo is to be probed for his role in facilitating the creation of negative news stories painting Joice Mujuru as a corrupt person which may have influenced Grace Mugabe into her current “rage of stupor”(as said)  against Mujuru. It also comes after secretly recorded tapes were handed Mugabe claimed to be authentic recordings of Mujuru insulting Mugabe saying he has overstayed his welcome

Gumbo said that the politburo meeting is to be held tomorrow, Friday

Source: ZimEye