Zimbabwe Popular Prophet Makandiwa is back, performs breathtaking miracles that shocked people (Video)


For a while now Prophet Makandiwa had been playing second fiddle to the ‘new kid on the block’ Prophet Magaya who now commands, arguably the largest religious following in Zimbabwe.

But last Sunday Prophet Makandiwa proved he is not a spent force and still has some marvelous tricks up his sleeves! He performed a horde of miracles much to the astonishment of his followers who had been facing ‘miracle drought’ for over a year now.

Word is the Prophet had been irked by the fact that people were thronging his church for miracles instead of the word of God hence he put the miracles on ‘pause’ so as to remain with the truest of the true. Indeed there was a considerable mass exodus to PHD.

Declaring 2015 ‘His Year of Power” Prophet Makandiwa delivered former footballer Ashley Rambanapasi who had an aching back. He also delivered Isaac Bikauri who had been brought on a stretcher.

Rambanapasi was ‘miraculously healed after he was asked to sit on a chair and Prophet Makandiwa ‘commanded’ his legs to be normal and immediately Rambanapasi jumped up testifying that he was healed of his backache.

Some of the people who receive their healing from the adjustments of their legs were Evelyn Mlanga, Zodwa Takawira and one identified only as Pamela.

Instant Miracles-Makandiwa giving LIFE to a collapsed woman

One of the church members, Dr Wilfred Muteweye was also shocked to witness Prophet Makandiwa performing the miracles. He then testified that having a shorter leg was one of the major sources of back aches.

Prophet Makandiwa went on to pray for pregnant women who made a bee line seeking prayers for normal delivery and four of them immediately went into LABOUR and had to be rushed to various hospitals.

Prophet Makandiwa answered a question from one of the doubting Thomases, Nkosana Moyo about his works by imparting the healing powers to pray for the sick and he believed and prayed for people with various problems and they gave a testimony of their healing.

“People are used to earnestly search for money daily and those who do that end up having the money they earnestly look for,” said Prophet Makandiwa. “I want to tell you today that it does not need your faith or your holiness to perform miracles but to earnestly search for the face for the face of the Lord by just believing in what has already been worked out by Jesus on the cross.

“The job has already been done and it is up to use to believe in the fith worked out already and with that little faith in Jesus you ca move mountains the same way I am doing today. Many of you ignored prayer the day you felt like praying or fasting and by that reluctance in not believing the speaking God you begin to look for me to pray for your loved ones.

“I want to quicken your faith by allowing you to pray for the sick and brother Nkosana who is doubting how I pray for the sick is going to pray for the sick and they will receive their healing today,” said Prophet Makandiwa releasing power into Nkosana and other members to pray for the sick.

Nkosana and other women started to pray for the sick and many testified that they had been healed and started to give praise to the Almighty God as the congregation shouted “Amen we receive”

Some begged the Prophet to impart the spirit of prophecy and he encouraged them to seek earnestly the face of God by being born again and experience the various gifts of God which he said are there to help many people suffering from various ailments.

Prophet Makandiwa was moved with compassion after he saw many people shouting for help on top of their voices and said; The field is ripe but labourers are few so let us all seek the face of the Lord and be prepared to help people who are suffering everyday of their life.

“Miracles are ever more than the number of people who avail themselves at every church session and I believe that the presence of God is here to help you all who have to come to worship him today,” said Prophet Makandiwa