Zimbabwe Popular Prophet Walter Magaya bribes ZBC journalists & may get arrested


Harare preacher Prophet Walter Magaya is allegedly paying bribes to ZBC journalists in order to get fair coverage, an investigation recently opened claims. 

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation ZBC General Manager for television services, Tarzan Mandizvidza and a senior business reporter are being investigated by the Anti Corruption Commission for soliciting bribes from Prophet Walter Magaya and a ZANU (PF) legislator.

Mandizvidza and Bruce Chahwanda (a reporter) are said to be getting kick backs from ZANU(PF) Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena and PHD Ministries leader prophet Walter Magaya for positive coverage on the state controlled television station.

The bribe scandal was anonymously reported to the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission by some disgruntled reporters after Chahwanda’s consecutive trips to Gokwe to cover Wadyajena’s political and private business while there is a Midlands Correspondent, Jackie Gwemende who covers the province.

Prophet Walter Magaya

“Last week Chahwanda was asked to write a comprehensive report by the Head of News and Current Affairs Josephine Zulu explaining who authorized his every weekend Gokwe trips. The report is now with the Human Resources department awaiting action,” said some reporters who requested anonymity for fear of victimization.

They continued saying “he is getting the blessings of going to Gokwe every weekend and cover Wadyajena by Mandizvidza . He is the same person who only covers Prophet Mayaga’s stories and no one else. If anyone comes with a Magaya story the copy does not see the light of the day.”

The sources said Tichaona Chikono, the camera person who moves with Bruce Chahwanda was not also happy with the dealings as he is also sidelined when it comes to the sharing of the bribes.

“The guy complains of being used by Mandizvidza and Chahwanda as they do not give him anything for the public relations of Wadyajena and Magaya. He is very bitter,” added the disgruntled reporters.

An official with the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption commission told ZimEye that they got the reports involving Mandizvidza and Chahwanda.

“We are on the task. We received those reports from ZBC and it is not that case only but several others involving corruption at the company, ” said an official with the ZACC who cannot be named because he is not allowed to speak to the media.

Source: ZimEye