Zimbabwe popular soccer player is back at it again, had oral s*x with a 14-yr-old girl, wanted her to gain weight and to have bigger lips.


Chiredzi FC player – David Sengu has been arrested for bedding a 14 year old girl on more than six times and infecting her with STI.

Sengu is aged 30 and was detained at Chiredzi police station.

According to H-METRO on Friday, Sengu threatened to stab the girl is he told anyone.

“Indeed Sengu is in police custody and he will be making his initial appearance in court after the holiday” a police officer told the publication.

The girl is said to have been working for one her neighbour who happened to be Sengu’s girlfriend.

He would engage in s*x with her while his girlfriend was away.

The matter only came to light when she discovered she had contacted the deadly STI.

She told her aunt.

“The young girl fell sick and developed an itchy rash in her genetiles, she told her aunt and she was taken to Triangle Hospital where it was confirmed that she had an STI” a source told H-Metro.

Said the girl’s mother : “I am hurt by what happened to my daughter. Thobekile Moyo is a trusted neighbour and she asked my daughter who is in form one to clean her house whilst she was at work.

David Sengu

“My daughter would go there and that is where she met Sengu, who slept with her on more than six occasion. He would force her to have oral s*x with him saying he wanted her to gain weight and have bigger lips.

“He had unprotected s*x with her, threatening to stab her with a knife if she revealed it to anyone.

“This continued till my son noticed that she was not coming home on time he inquired and beat her up until she confided in her aunt about what the footballer was doing to her.

“she showed her sores on her genitals and told her that it was a second batch of sores as she once had a rash that disappeared mysteriously and we took her to hospital for treatment,’.

In 2011, Sengu escaped a custodial sentence for bedding a 15 year old.

Source: H-Metro