Zimbabwe President Mugabe blames VP Mnangagwa for Zimbabwe’s problems


The captain has deserted the ship midway through the long haul voyage. Mugabe is finally fed up with the political and economic instability he brought upon Zimbabwe at the instigation of Emerson Dambudzo Munangagwa.

Emerson Dambudzo Munangagwa.Robert and Grace Mugabe

It is exactly thirty seven days today since the nonagenarian left our shores for Asia in the guise of a holiday retreat. To the adventurous Dr. Grace and the gangly first family it was just holiday as usual, however to the senile and dejected Mugabe is a completely different ball game.

A lot has been going on since the departure of Mr. Mugabe and surprisingly, it seems the despot in not in his senses anymore. Neither is he aware that we are now in 2015 nor is he informed that he is in a foreign land.

According to some security operatives who are keeping guard on him, “The president is now just a shadow of his former self. He seems to be out of his mind and his response to questions seems to be evading tense which is synonymous with old age. At times he goes into trance and more often than not he delves into uncontrollable fits of rage blaming the military and Munangagwa for the election rigging and forcing him to stay in power when he clearly needs time to rest.”

It is clear that Munangagwa has usurped the presidency and that Mr. Mugabe is past his worst best. Reliable sources have confirmed that Mugabe is yet to hear anything about the floods that ravaged the country. Neither is he aware of the Nyusi inauguration in Mozambique nor of the Mashonaland East bus disaster not to mention of the dozen Zimbabweans who perished in Botswana – never mind Mugabe has never valued the lives of the Ndebele people as evidenced by his merciless massacre of the same under the stewardship of the notorious Munangagwa.

The news of Didymus Mutasa challenging the Zanu PF Congress amongst a litany of other problems seems to be keeping Mugabe in Asia for now. Mugabe’s wife was used by the Munangagwa camp to fight the Mujuru camp and now strife is ruling supreme in the former liberation movement. 

With age not on his side, the tired and clueless Mugabe is reluctant to come back to Zimbabwe to face the challenges. The Mutasa rebellion, the uncomfortably quiet Mujuru, the rambling Rugare Gumbo – the mooted LAST SUPPER by all Zimbabweans and the perennial challenge from Morgan Tsvangirai not to mention the crumbling economy and the general wrath of Zimbabweans.

Mugabe has dumped the country and has earned himself an observer status with no material interest in how the affairs of the state are managed. It is clear that after losing elections in 2008, the despot was ready to retire but was pushed on by a military cabal led by the evil genius Munangagwa. In clear perfection of the art of rigging, the heir apparent repeated the same in 2013 however with little bloodshed thereby forcing the nonagerian to remain on the helm for a further five years.