‘Zimbabwe President Mugabe no longer trusts his wife Grace’s capabilities, unsettled by VP Mujuru’s absence’


Joice Mujuru’s absence from the Zanu-PF congress has reportedly unsettled president Mugabe as he is no longer sure of his VP’s intentions.

According to the Zimbabwean, there are whispers in Zanu-PF that President Robert Mugabe no longer trusts his wife’s political capabilities

Rejoice Ngwenya, a political analyst, said Mugabe might retain Mujuru as VP by citing lack of criminal evidence against her. 

Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe - 2 December
Grace Mugabe

Apparently, he would simply say that if Mujuru had committed any crime, she would have been arrested the moment the allegations were raised.

Mugabe, Ngwenya said, was aware that no one in Zanu-PF was clean and would challenge party members to “let the clean cast the first stone.” 

It was noteworthy, added Ngwenya, that Grace had suddenly withdrawn herself from the scene and left the state media under Information Minister Jonathan Moyo to finish what she started.

He said Mugabe had the power to appoint Mujuru as VP even in her absence. 

Meanwhile, suspected Mujuru allies where booed and chased away from the delegate accreditation exercise at the Zanu-PF headquarters last week. 

“There are fears that if the Mujuru camp attends the congress intact, it has the potential to even challenge Mugabe’s position,” he added. 

Source: The Zimbabwean