Zimbabwe President Mugabe removed Mujuru ‘brutally’, now its payback time – his dirty secrets are up for sell


Excellent analysis Dumisani Muleya; “Mugabe didn’t want Mujuru to be removed in a brutal way”, Bulawayo24 opinion.

Whilst I agree with you that Mugabe probably did not want Mai Mujuru “removed in the brutal way”, what matters here is that he did get her removed and he must now face the consequences of that treachery. What makes this Zanu PF purge an unfinished business is that whilst Mugabe may count on her to say nothing about his dirty past particularly last year’s rigged elections he can count on the other purged members to sooner or later tell the truth!

Joice Mujuru and Zimbabwe President Mugabe

If one thing is certain it is that the Mugabe has let the gene out of the bottle with this purge and there is no putting it back.

Zanu PF has destroyed the Zimbabwe economy forcing millions of ordinary Zimbabweans into a life of abject poverty and despair. The party is unelectable and have remained in power only because of the breath-taking incompetence of the opposition MDC leadership.

It was the MDC’s failure to get even one reform implemented that allowed Mugabe and Zanu PF to rig last year’s elections. When you rig elections at a wholesale level as happened last year, it is a mammoth task to ensure the secret of how it was done is not leaked out.

The purge of Mujuru and her supporters has just thrown out of the party hundreds of thousands of Zanu PF members who helped rig the vote. I agree with you that Mai Mujuru’s “faction was disorganised, paralysed and strangled to suffocation.” But to fight back now, they do not need to be organised; it will only take one disgruntled member to reveal how he/she and others had been bussed to ten different polling stations and allowed to cast as many as ten votes for the presidential and parliamentary candidates at each station.

The purge has already raffled feather of the likes of Nathaniel Manheru (Mugabe’s spokesman, George Charamba, who is known to belong to the Mujuru).

“If truth be told, very few leaders in Zanu-PF are able to explain how the 2013 elections happened, how the landslide victory came about. Equally, very few in Zanu-PF can legitimately claim that victory, much as it benefited them,” wrote Nathaniel Manheru.

Of course that was a warning shot across the bow to those wielding the axe in the purge that he knows the truth of “how the 2013 elections happened” and if push comes to bloody shove he will tell the truth! Now that hundreds of thousands if not millions are not going to benefit from the rigged elections and, in the purge, will rightly feel Mugabe used and throw them away like a used toilet tissue; they will be more incline to tell the truth.

Even if they hold their peace, Zanu PF will be lucky to find anyone willing to help it rig 2018 elections when the economic hardships will be a lot worse than ever!

In the light of the economic meltdown Mugabe had no choice but to throw many members including old comrades-in-arms off the top tables, there is not enough wealth and loot for everyone because of the economic meltdown. The purge was load shedding Mugabe style. But because the purged members know many of Mugabe’s dirty secrets; the tyrant knows he will be very lucky is the purged member do not spill the beans and he would be naïve to play the same dirty tricks on them and expect to get away with it!

Source: Wilbert Mukori