Zimbabwe President Mugabe threatens Vice President Mujuru with arrest


Vice President Joice Mujuru and members of her faction face arrest over allegations of corruption.

Officially opening the 6th Zanu-PF congress President Robert Mugabe said if enough evidence is gathered against Mujuru and her allies they would lose their jobs and face prosecution.

Mujuru who was nowhere to be seen near the Zanu-PF Congress which is now being firmly steered against her by party enemies.

President Robert Mugabe says suggestions that he should stp down are simply foolish and idiotic. (Reuters)m
Zimbabwe President Mugabe

Mugabe said Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa and Nicholas Goche had not been barred from the congress but failed to turn up because of embarrassment.

“Those accused of corruption if there is evidence will be charged. With the knowledge we have if you were minister or civil servant you are fired. Give us evidence ..they will go.” 

“We are happy you are not fools and cannot be bought. You are not blind. You kept quiet even when you knew but the First Lady removed the lid on these issues. All secrets came into the open. Their crimes will fill a lot of books if they are to be written,” added Mugabe.

Grace has demanded that Mujuru resigns or risk the humiliation of being “baby-dumped” at this congress, accusing the vice president of trying to topple her husband from power. Grace has also accused Mujuru of corruption.

The multiplicity of allegations against Mujuru range from corruption allegations to gross abuse of office, as well as the more serious treason charges, could end the outgoing VP’s presidential ambitions.

Zanu-PF youths who are baying for Mujuru’s blood vowed that she would be blocked from registering and attending congress.

Mugabe, who accused Mujuru of plotting to unseat him from power, said he was aware of the plot for a very long time. 

Source: Byo24News