Zimbabwe President Mugabe’s aunt has died


President Mugabe’s aunt, Magadalene Nyamurima nee Matibiri, has died.

She was 84. Mrs Nyamurima, who was mother to President Mugabe’s aide Wonder Nyamurima, died at West End Clinic on Tuesday.

President Mugabe joined mourners at the Nyamurima family house in Southerton to pay his condolences twice yesterday, first in the morning and then later in the day for body viewing.

President Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe at the funeral

President Mugabe, who was accompanied by the First Lady, Dr Grace Mugabe, described her late aunt as a loving person, adding that the family unit and natural love for mankind are key in maintaining peace and nation building

Gogo Nyamurima was born on June 30, 1930 and leaves behind a daughter, Margaret and a son, Wonder, who is President Mugabe’s aide

Mrs Nyamurima will be laid to rest today at 2pm at her son’s farm in Marondera.

Family spokesperson Mr Noddy Nyamurima said their aunt had not been feeling well for some time, but her condition deteriorated in the last few days.

“To us, she was like a button to a shirt because of the unifying role she played in the family,” he said. “She always wanted to see the family united, so we have lost our pillar of strength.

“She was a firm believer in her Christian walk all her life. She used to fellowship in the Roman Catholic, but when she was married she then joined the Church of God and Saints of Christ.

“She smiled at everyone. She held no grudge against anyone. So, we have lost a very important person in the family.”

Mr Nyamurima said President Mugabe, who addressed mourners in the morning, urged the family to remain united as was always preached by Mrs Nyamurima.

Her body left Harare for Marondera yesterday evening.

Mrs Nyamurima is survived by three children Leticia, Wonder and Margross, 14 grandchildren and several great grand children. 

Source: Herald