Zimbabwe President Mugabe’s wife refused to shake hands with VP Mujuru for the second time


The storm between Grace Mugabe and Joice Mujuru hit the climax at Harare airport on Tuesday upon the return of the first family when the President’s wife Grace blatantly refused a handshake offer by the smiling VP Mujuru.

Grace returned from the Italy trip in an uncompromising mood and snubbed Mujuru who was at the airport together with other government officials to welcome back President Mugabe and his wife from Italy where they had travelled to witness beatification of Pope Paul VI at the Vatican.

President Mugabe & wife arriving back from Italy-shaking hands with VP Joice Mujuru

Frowning Grace snubbed VP Mujuru for the second time, making it clear that the first time was not by any means a mistake when couple departed for Italy on Friday.

In an apparent show of animosity and bad blood between the two women Grace blatantly refused a handshake offer from VP Mujuru, right under the nose of President Mugabe who has remained silent to date over the feud between the two women.

Upon arrival President Mugabe proceeded to greet VP Mujuru, Simon Khaya Moyo, Jonathan Moyo and other officials lined up.

Grace who was just next to her husband Mugabe, blatantly refused a handshake offer from VP Mujuru, but extended her hand out to Khaya Moyo. Grace opted for a chat with Khaya Moyo, viciously slapping a smiling VP Mujuru in the face.

The Politburo is set to meet tomorrow, Thursday, to discuss among other issues the accusation levelled against VP Mujuru by Grace during her ‘Meet the People’ rallies

Grace has accused VP Mujuru of leading a faction and being the mastermind behind the formation of opposition parties like MDC and Mavambo/Kusile.

Source: ZimEye