Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, could all but be left a widower anytime from now, as death threats against her wife, Grace mounts to dangerous levels

Zimbabwe President Mugabe and wife Grace Mugabe

COLOGNE/HARARE –  PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, could all but be left a widower anytime from now, as death threats against her wife, Grace, have allegedly mounted to “dangerous” levels, resulting in increased security for the First Lady, who has raffled many political feathers by now making it open that she intends to takeover as the next president of Zimbabwe, The Telescope News reported on Monday.

According to a prophesy first reported by this publication, on 26 January 2014, Grace was forewarned about her own death by a Zimbabwean prophet based in Germany.

The Telescope News, managed to contact the prophet or end-time minister during the weekend for a telephone interview, and The Man of God, said it is now “certain” that: “Grace Mugabe is bidding farewell to the country.”

“You remember, I told you in January about this sad upcoming incident, but I was dismissed as a clown,” said the minister from Berlin. “It is always like that. They say you are a false prophet because the event has not come to pass, and when it occurs like we shall soon learn any day from now, people will look the other side and say ‘everyone will die at some point’.”

“The reason why God shows these hidden things, is because He wants all souls to be saved, through the precious blood of The Holy Lamb. In the case of Grace Mugabe, mercy has been already shown because she had ample time to repent in the last nine months. Not everyone can be this blessed, she knows what she has to do. From a spiritual insight, all these cross-country political tours of the nation’s 10 provinces, that she has made introducing herself to the electorate, while launching her new political career, amounts to saying goodbye my people.”
Grace is on a warpath with Vice president, Joice Mujuru, whom she has accused of fanning factionalism in Zanu PF, and that she must be ousted for corruption and having a hand in the formation of opposition parties, which include, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) and former finance minister, Simba Makoni’s Mavambo party.

The Telescope News, was spot-on in reporting about the political feud between Grace and Mujuru, before the altercation exploded into Zimbabwe’s state media.

Our reports have also accurately revealed that justice minister, Emmerson Mnangagwa, is the alleged mastermind behind Grace Mugabe’s political rise, as Zanu PF Women’s League new boss, as a strategy to destroy his political nemesis, Mujuru, in their skirmish to succeed Mugabe.

The first lady is now using her own motorcade, with full security aides similar to Mugabe’s own. During her “Meet the People Tour”, she was even using Mugabe’s presidential helicopter, for the marathon rallies.

National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader Lovemore Madhuku, last week warned that Mugabe’s wife faces assassination by her sponsors if she attempts to succeed her husband.

“Grace would be killed. It’s a very sad thing… Grace would be assassinated when her husband dies; she thinks she can continue in politics. It won’t take time. It would be a matter of seconds, she will be killed. As soon as Mugabe dies, I would advise the military she needs maximum security in this country. That woman needs our maximum prayers, maximum security. When you hear that Mugabe is gone, your prayers must go to Grace. She will not be in politics beyond that. They are using her for this period. Because they don’t want to look her in the eyes, she would be killed.”

Madhuku said Grace was now the de facto president of the country and was also being prepared for a politburo and cabinet post by Mugabe, in a bid flash out party rivals plotting his exit from power.

“We will go to war if Grace wakes up being President,” added Madhuku. “She can be chairperson of the ZANU- PF women’s league, fine; she can be a member of the ZANU- PF politburo, fine; she can run around the country and shout at Zanu PF ministers, fine; she will not be President of this country; that will never happen. Grace, the President of Zimbabwe! When we are there? Not at all! We don’t want any Mugabe person again…for the next 210 years, there should be no one related, directly or indirectly to Robert Mugabe.” 

Source: www.thetelescopenews.com by Itai Mushekwe/ Mary-Kate Kahari