Zimbabwe Vice President Mnangagwa pressured to resign to pave way for Dr. Grace Mugabe


Zimbabwe VP Emmerson Mnangagwa has been urged to walk out of the Zanu PF party and Government.That would not only be a foolish move but impolitic. He should simply stay put because his power is primarily within Zanu PF. He should do anything and everything to maintain loyalty and trust levels high with his boss President Mugabe .He has to stay close to the throne. He should not use the megaphone strategy because he will be fired from both the Government and the Zanu PF party.He should even consider strategically distancing himself from his self styled supporters at least for now.These supporters come and go, they have been changing all along with the passage of time. In 2004 there were the likes of Jonso,Mudenda,Chinamasa and Daniel Shumba. Just recently kukapinda ana Mutsvangwa,Matemadanda ,Mutodi, Gomwe, Musengi and others.

He shouldn’t be distracted by these arrests,suspensions and expulsions. His adversaries are majoring in minor things.The million dollar point is, he should remain one of the top contenders for the coveted price once it becomes democratically available for contention within the party.ABASHA CHIKONYOKA!!!