Zimbabwe VP Mnangagwa is a shameless murderer and sponsor of genocide


I have read lies by desperate people, but this is exceptional. ZAPU never at one stage led by which ever person, or ZIPRA could stoop that low as to want to kill any person for a down low comment like that. 

Emmerson Mnangagwa

This is a clear sign of an individual who had a mission as he grew up and made up stories that he finally believed, and that when he could get a chance, which he did had to commit genocide without shame.
Mnangagwa is a shameless murderer and sponsor of genocide against the people of the Midlands and Matabeleland. He makes up stories about people he hates and repeat them until he believes them to be true and finally come up with them in public, in some cases as murder and in some cases as opening his shameless mouth.
If people know little about a group like ZAPU and ZIPRA they will make up such unfounded stories that only please those driven by hate and self destructive anger. ZIPRA cadres were the best and well disciplined, their history will soon come out. 

Source-Bulawayo24: Tsolo Dube