Zimbabwe Zanu-PF Congress day 3, Vice President Mujuru boycotts again, – Live updates


Zanu-PF delegates break into song and dance singing VaMugabe havabve (Mugabe is going nowhere).

15:25 Foreign sister organisations have finished delivering their solidarity messages and delegates break for lunch. Local sister organisations will deliver their messages tomorrow, Zanu-PF National Chairman has announced.

15:18 December 12 Movement Solidarity message: They congratulate the endorsement of the First Lady to lead the Women’s League and say they will always be with Zimbabwe as they have continued since 1972. They declare that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again and is a country for Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe Congress, President Mugabe and Wife Grace Mugabe

15:01 Cuba Communist Party: The Cuban people convey solidarity message on the occasion of the congress.

14:53 South Sudan Liberation Movement solidarity message: The president congratulates Zanu-PF for the 6th National People Congress. African liberation movements supported our leader and it is through this solidarity that South Sudan got independence in July 2011. We are truly grateful for that.

14:45 DPRD official from Democratic Republic of Congo solidarity message. The official says the DPRD appreciates the honour and privilege of being invited to the congress. This indication is a strong signal of the strong ties that exist between Zimbabwe and DPRD as well as Zanu-PF and DPRD. We take this opportunity presented to us by the congress to congratulate the people of Zimbabwe and especially president Mugabe for unity. The ideological line of Zanu-PF encourages nations to be masters of their own destiny. Thanks Zanu-PF for the invitation.

14:35  Nangolo, Swapo Secretary General conveys SWAPO solidarity message – We are aware of deliberate and well orchestrated events meant to destabilise cohesion among revolutionary parties in the region. There is therefore need for sister parties to close ranks and thwart the obnoxious move. SWAPO salutes Zanu-PF and wishes the party well and does not doubt that after the congress, the party will emerge stronger and forge ahead in pursuit of the implementation of ZimAsset. ‘Pamberi neZanu-PF, Phambili leZanu-PF,’ as he wraps his message.

14:29 He tells delegates that the ANC shares deep links with Zanu-PF and were together in the trenches fighting colonial masters. He adds that the ANC wishes Zanu-PF wisdom to take the country forward and stimulate economic growth and success.

14:26 The National Chairman now invites Dr Zweli Mkhize, the treasurer general of ANC Africa to give his party’s solidarity message.

14:20 Zanu-PF National Chairman informs delegates that the venue, Harare Civic Grounds has been renamed Robert Mugabe Grounds and four roads have been renamed Dr Grace Mugabe, Dr Simon Vengesai Muzenda, Dr Joshua Muqabuko Nkomo and ZimAsset respectively. He also expressed gratitude for the food (rice, mealie-meal, beef and sausages donated by the first family to the congress.

14:04 Zanu-PF delegates break into song and dance as they belt popular rendition, ‘Musaputse Sungano’. President Mugabe, Dr Grace Mugabe and Edna Madzongwe are dancing too.

14:04 Mudenda calls upon the Chairman of Bulawayo Province to move the motion to take note of the Key Note Address and accept the report presented by President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF. The Chairman of Midlands Province seconds the motion.

 13:58 He praises President Mugabe for teaching them good leadership that they should be honest and truthful leaders who have unity of purpose through self introspection. He assures the President that God will fight his battles and wishes the first family long life. 

“Long Live President Mugabe, Long Live Mother of the Nation, Dr Mugabe,” he says.

13:55 Congress delegates break into song and dance as President Mugabe leaves the podium to take up his seat. Jacob Mudenda now addressing the gathering and chants ‘DOWN WITH REBELS.’

13:53 He hands over the Central Committee report to delegates before thanking attendees for coming. ‘Pamberi nekubatana, Phambili lokubambana, Phambana lokubamba,’ he says raising his fist and firmly waving it to mark the end of his speech.

13:50 He said 2013 elections were people driven which is why noone among leadership should claim it. ‘It belongs to you, the people. Which is why you used your powers to clean up the party. Today we are here to look at ourselves and the policies that we should follow, ZimAsset kupedza hurombo, dams, irrigation and things like that. This congress is about celebrating victory.

13:47 He says some did not want to go for elections and had lost hope that the party will rise again. Some had deserted their posts to which the party had assigned them. Some had formed alliances with MDC formations and were working towards toppling the government with the help of hostile Western nations. He also castigated the dirty team that wantonly betrayed the ideals of Zanu-PF.

13:45 He thanks foreign delegates for coming to support Zanu-PF, a party which emerged victorious in last year’s July 31 harmonised elections.

13:42 President Mugabe says Zanu-PF performed dismally in 2008 harmonised elections and as a results they had to endure the painful inclusive government.

13:40 He said those who committed corruption will be prosecuted if allegations have been proven and said all government officials involved in any corrupt dealings will have their employment contracts terminated. 

“We are happy you are not fools and cannot be bought. You are not blind. You kept quiet even when you knew but the First Lady removed the lid on these issues. All secrets came into the open. Their crimes will fill a lot of books if they are to be written. Those accused of corruption if there is evidence will be charged. With the knowledge we have if you were minister or civil servant you are fired. Give us evidence ..they will go.”

13:35 Mugabe bemoaned use of money in mobilising people to topple the president before congress, and also thanked ordinary members who refused to be bought like commodity.

13:30 President thanks party leadership and supporters for unity of purpose and working together to flush out people who were burnt on betraying the ideals of the struggle. He implores them for taking action on their own. In his native Shona, he says, “Tinotenda kuti tiritose asi zvakanaka kuti vatadzi ava takavabata tisati tasvika patiri. Zvinhu izvi zvagara zvichiitika mumusangano asi tinozvitadza. Tinokutendai nekubatana kwamakaita, makarasa marara aya.”

“People want to kill just for power. Ready to kill for that! I thank you for your unity regarding this issue and removing the dirty amongst you. You did that on your own. We did not send you. You did it because you realised they had strayed and you removed them. We only wanted to see if everything was done according to the constitution.Such people should be disciplined by provincial executives. That is all we wanted. We did not want this to turn into a witch hunting exercise.”

13:20 Mugabe has likened VP Mujuru and her cabal to thieves for boycotting the congress without being restrained or prevented by anyone. “This is how thieves behave,” he says. He gives an anecdote of a stranded couple which they accommodated overnight but  stole his mother and sisters’ clothing  and left early morning in a huff.

13:15 “Over the years we thought we were working together with her, but alas, behind our back she was plotting my downfall. We carried investigations and noted it was a clique that involved provincial chairpersons and ministers. Information started trickling in from provinces that a plot to topple the president was on the cards,” he says.

13:05 Mugabe also says in 2004 women requested that one of them be in the top leadership. In every three positions that one should be given to a woman and the party agreed to that. The women elected Joice Mujuru because they believed in her and all rejoiced including the First Lady. For years they thought they were working well towards the fulfilment of party programs and development of our people.

“The party saw it fit in 2004 to include women within the top leadership of the party, resulting in the appointment of VP Mujuru,” says Mugabe.

“We did not know some were scheming to take power. Kuda kutorera President mubati wemusha..aaah. We investigated and realised people were meeting, including chairman and ministers. Reports came in and we listened and the reports indicated a sinister plot to remove government. Everything is now in the open. WE now have gaps here. We did not bar them from coming  and we did not chase them. We would have wanted them to come and explain themselves.They have not communicated their absence..behaving like thieves”.

President Mugabe also gave his mother’s analogy of how their visitors turned  thieves stole their belongings and they had to follow them and they recovered their belongings. The person who stole their belongings was a woman and it was revealed it was not the first time she had stolen. He also said it is the same with the party where in both instances it is the woman. The President says not saying women are thieves but Joice Mujuru has done many frightening things including the underhand sell of gold. Leaders are not chosen to be thieves. They are selected into office to deal with corruption and such other ills. President Mugabe says they must be clever in their election of leaders.

13:02 He acknowledges the failure by the past leadership to fulfill the aspirations of the people due to a myriad of problems which included a cabal within the leadership which wanted to get him out of power.

12:58 Mugabe takes to the podium.

12:56 The chairman has invited Zanu-PF’s first secretary and president Robert Mugabe to make his key note address.

12:53 “A revolution does not succeed on the basis of the weakness of its opposition but the successful implementation of its programmes,” he says.

12:50 He tells delegates that Zanu-PF grew stronger during his chairmanship and castigates factionalism which he calls a dangerous virus.

12:45 S.K. Moyo is delivering his welcome address

12:10 Zanu-PF National Chairman has announced the beginning of the proceedings at officially convenes the sitting of the Congress in terms of Article 5, Section 22 of the Zanu-PF Constitution. He has announced that in terms Article 9, Section 44 (1) of the constitution, he will chair the plenary.

11:50 Bishop Manhanga delivers the opening prayer.

11:20 President Mugabe has arrived at the venue but is yet to enter the marque. He is reported to be in a briefing party leadership. Vice President Joice Mujuru has not arrived.

10:50: Zanu-PF National Chairman, S.K. Moyo making last minute arrangements to the high table in anticipation of Mugabe’s imminent arrival. Chief of Dr Munyaradzi Kajese making last minute inspection of the higher table.

10:32: Cabinet Minister and Zanu-PF National Chairmanship aspirant, Dr Obert Mpofu has also arrived at the congress venue

Members of the diplomatic corps inside marque at the venue

10:30: An army of local and foreign journalists present here at the Zanu-PF National People’s Congress venue. This is testament to the massive interest the event has has garnered.

An army of Journalists covering Zanu-PF National People’s congress

10:27: Cabinet Ministers and Politburo Members Dr Olivia Muchena, Dr David Parirenyatwa and Sydney Sekeramai have arrived at the venue.

10:21: All Women’s League provincial chairpersons have been summoned outside the marque by out going secretary for women affairs, Oppah Muchinguri for a quick briefing.

10:04: Security is tight in and around the venue with scores of police, military,  intelligence officers and party youths maintaining order and keeping the peace.

The Congress Venue has been renamed Robert Mugabe Square

09:43: Zanu-PF headquarters is a hive of activity with last minute preparations underway. Scores of Zanu PF supporters are camped outside the party headquarters as they wait for the mop up accreditation to commence. Among those try to beat the last minute accreditation is former Zimbabwean Ambassador to South Africa and Russia, Phelekezela Mphoko.

Source: Herald