Zimbabwean Doctor found dead in her house in America !!!

Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze ...Rest In Peace

The Zimbabwean community in Dallas Texas is still in utter disbelief after a well known doctor was found dead in her own house. Dr. Mavis Sesedzai Mashingaidze was a darling to many, she was so loving and caring and she had a very big heart. Nobody can talk bad about her, she was very humble and down to earth despite being highly educated. Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze was last seen on  28 December 2017, and she would hardly miss work without calling and she was a very social or friendly person. Her friends and relatives tried in vain to call her cellphone or house phone after her disappearance, and all the calls went unanswered.

This was very unusual of her and after one week, concerned friends called the police on 4 January 2018 to report a missing person. The Collin County Police acted swiftly and they accompanied Dr. Mashingaidze’s friends to her house in Mckinney, Texas. The door was locked from Inside and Police had to use force to enter the house, Police found the lifeless body of Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze on the floor face down & they ordered all the friends to back down & step outside.

It is believed that Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze lived alone at her house and she is survived by her only son who lives in Canada. Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze has been in United States of America for a very long time  (over 15 years). Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze was born in Zimbabwe in 1962 and she was a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) in U.S.A. She worked at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas and at her time of death she was working at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Plano and she was also a part-time Lecturer.

Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze PhD graduation…Beauty with brains
Happy times, Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze & Pamela Gore

Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze was Pro-life and she was very fearless and loved animals a lot. Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze was very fearless and very tough, how many of us are not scared of the most dangerous wild animals like snakes, lions, elephants…she was one tough woman and she will be dearly missed. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze with a python
Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze with birds
Not scared at all, Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze with a big Python
Your smile will be greatly missed…RIP Mavis Mashingaidze
Fearless Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze
Fearless Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze is still calm despite the lion roaring
Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze walking with the most feared animals in Africa
Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze with a big elephant
Happy Times Mavis Mashingaidze…She was such a happy person

Nobody knows the exact date of her death since her body was found 7 days after she was last seen and a postmortem is being carried out to find the cause of her death and when exactly she died. Burial arrangements are still underway and mourners are gathered at Dr. Mavis Mashingaidze’s house at 10600 Matador Dr, Mckinney, TX 75070