Zimbabwean man hacked his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook & posted embarrassing stuff


A jilted Zimbabwean man allegedly hacked his ex girlfriend’s Facebook account and posted her explicit pictures and phone number on her wall.

It appears the idea was to humiliate her by letting her friends and family believe she was a class A hoe but when the girl, Yolanda Kudzie Musandiriri, found out she decided to hit back. She exposed the ex boyfriend, one, Innocent Musakaruka, as the Mastermind of the shenanigans and told him straight up to leave her alone, adding that he would regret his folly.

She posted: innocent musakaruka you wnt gt away wit what you did on my wall …bvuma kurambwa n grow up and posting shit n my wall pliiiiiiiz back off abd leave me alone

In another subsequent post, she apologised to her Facebook friends for the gaffe saying that her ex Musakarakuka was bent on tarnishing her image: “guys plizzz forgive me smeone sent a wrong message out there to tarnish my image it wasnt my doin,”read the other message.

She then proceeded to pull down the posts but unfortunately the explicit pictures had begun circulating on social media, especially naughty Zimbabwean hookup pages which claim to link up people looking for no strings attached relationships .

As of today her account has been deactivated.

The photographs showed Yolanda lying on a bed her honeypot exposed for all to see.Her friend, identified as Clara was not spared as one of her explicit pics was also posted together with Yolanda’s with the caption : tikunzwa kuda kusv*rwa if you think you have a big long d*ck cum and f?!k

The Facebook posts made by Innnocent in a bid to fix Yolaanda and her Friend Clara

We do wonder if Yolanda and her friend Clara are not really into the thing vending business given how they used the same pose on the same bed in the leaked pictures.

Innocent was not available for comment while Yolanda declined to be interviewed by this publication.

Source: IHarare