Zimbabwean married woman caught red-handed having s*x with her boss as her 4-year-old daughter watched helplessly (Pictures)


A Bulawayo woman’s 13-year marriage was reportedly ended after she was caught by her husband red-handed busy like a rabbit allegedly pleasing her married boss in their matrimonial bedroom while their four-year-old daughter helplessly watched. The cheating woman Audrey Tsitsi Charamba allegedly had a workplace romance with her boss Nyasha Matsvairo at a life insurance company which later spilled into her bedroom and was reportedly busted by her husband Trust Last Mufandaedza following a tip off.

Mufandaedza is a technician working for TelOne based in Victoria Falls. On the day he allegedly caught Matsvairo with his wife, he was in the company of three relatives and two police officers.

Before being busted, Matsvairo was reportedly a regular visitor in Nketa 9 where he was introduced by Charamba to the now estranged couple’s four children as an uncle.


It is alleged that after every s*x encounter with Matsvairo, Charamba would allegedly send him text messages thanking him for a job well done.

Matsvairo and Charamba’s alleged adulterous liaison was exposed by Mufandaedza at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Charamba was seeking a protection order against him. Charamba, who confessed that she was caught with her boss-cum-lover claimed that their lives were in danger after Mufandaedza had threatened to “fix” them.

“I was customarily married to Mufandaedza for 13 years and we have four children together. Our relationship started straining three years ago when he was transferred to Victoria Falls. Because of the mutual disengagement I found love elsewhere. News of the flourishing love reached the respondent who came to Bulawayo on 21 January and put me under surveillance.

“On 24 January in the company of his three relatives and police officers he came home and found the door locked but they scaled the durawall and made their way into the bedroom where I was entertaining my boyfriend. I was taken to the police station where I made it unequivocally clear that the respondent and I were on separation. From that day the respondent hurled all sorts of threats and constantly vowed unspecified acts of violence against me and my boyfriend. He said he would not rest until he sorted us out therefore I need the court’s protection,” reads part of her affidavit.

coupleIn response, Mufandaedza said his estranged wife was wasting the court’s time by lying against him in a desperate bid to cover up her adulterous behaviour.

“Just like any other couple we used to have problems but these problems started three years ago when she stated working for First Mutual Life in Bulawayo where she also started having extramarital affairs with her married boss Nyasha Matsvairo. She introduced him to our kids as Sekuru Baba Kuku. After a tip off from my kids that her boss was spending more nights in my bedroom and on my bed I came from Victoria Falls in the company of my three relatives and two police officers and went straight home where I found my wife and her boss in the act and in the presence of our four-year-old daughter.

“I never threatened her as she has claimed before this court. If I was violent I would have assaulted her after she accidentally sent me a love messages directed to her boss such as maita basa (thank you) baba Kuku being with you was a privilege, love you my sweetheart),” said a seemingly restive Mufandaedza.

However, Mufandaedza’s defence failed to convince presiding magistrate Evylene Mashavakure who later granted the order in favour of Charamba which barred him from threatening her or interfere with her life.

Source: B-Metro