Zimbabwean married woman who was caught red-handed cheating with another man gets support


I just watched the video posted by your husband Patrick with much sadness in my heart. I want you to know that I am writing this open letter to you as a woman who has been shamed and publicly humiliated by a sister in law who was supposed to protect me. Darling Faith, your husband taking a video of you crying begging for forgiveness then posting it on social media, including your private WhatsApp messages shows that this man is evil to the core, not only is he ugly outside, he’s also very ugly inside and he never loved you dear. Please take it from a woman who has walked this road.

Faith Mutema and Hubby Patrick

My blog is not only about fighting spiritual and sexual abuse, my blog is about fighting emotional and domestic abuse too and enlightening my readers on the issues surrounding all forms of abuse facing women especially in the African society. Often in Zimbabwe, when a woman marries a man, unfortunately she marries his mother and sisters too, the entire clan. Its so bad that the mother and sister at times will even have a say on what happens on the matrimonial bed. I am writing this because I am talking from experience. Its a culture that’s rotten to the core, and I hate it!  I have also found that its not as common in other African societies, Zimbabwe seems to have the biggest problem regarding this issue. Zimbabwe seems to be extremely harsh on women within the society.  

Faith dear, read the book of John, there was a woman caught in the very act of adultery. She was brought to Christ so that they would stone her. But Christ said he who was without sin should cast the first stone. Everyone fled, and there was not even one person left to condemn her. Why, because they were worse off sinners than her. Christ told the poor woman that he did not even condemn her, but she should go and sin no more. Faith dear, I am telling you today that JESUS CHRIST DOES NOT CONDEMN YOU either. I saw your tears and shame, you repented and its over. God remembers your sin no more. You said sorry to your husband, he chose not to forgive you but to divorce you publicly and humiliate you. The man is pure evil. No man with a good heart does that to the mother of his children. The bible says even Joseph was a good man. Do you know why Faith, because he chose to put away Mary privately when he thought she had committed adultery. The bible specifically says Joseph did not want to publicly humiliate his wife! A man who does that has a wicked heart.

Now Faith, I pray you read this letter. You were shamed on social media, I am supporting you on social media! I want you to dry those tears, girl you have cried enough. Stop crying, and find it within yourself to fight back. God is close to the broken hearted, and He is moved by your tears. Faith darling, do you know that the tears of a woman forsaken are so powerful that they move the heart of God? Heaven literally stopped when you cried like that. God loves women, and He hates it when His Princesses are treated like dirt. In the video you said you wanted to die. You said you would rather die. No darling, no humiliation is worth you taking your life, and no man is worth you taking your life either. You have three beautiful babies who adore you. Be strong for them. You do not need a man to define who you are or to bring you happiness. You can find inner piece and happiness within yourself.

God can turn this tragedy and public humiliation into a triumph okay. Yes its a man’s world darling, I get it. I know so. Your husband Patrick is a well known serial womanizer, but that okay, forget him. We as women live in a man’s world. But as women, God has given us the power to turn mockery into victory. Thats something men can never do. When a man falls, hes fallen, he can never rise from that. But we women are so different. God has a soft spot for us. Thats why Jesus Christ ONLY ever ministered to women with pasts. Women who were publicly humiliated by society. Thats why there are only five women mentioned in Mathew’s genealogy of Christ. Among those women is Rahab the harlot. Faith darling, did you know that Rahab the harlot is today one of the most powerful women to ever be used by God in the bible. She is a hero of faith, and the only woman to be mentioned on the hall of faith in Hebrews 11. God turned a prostitute into a powerful spiritual woman who became a wife and mother in her own right. And her husband was blessed to have Rahab as wife, she was actually a virtuous woman.

Please take it from me Faith, firstly that Patrick guy is way too ugly for you darling you are too damn pretty for him. Where on earth did you pick him Faith, he’s as ugly as hell. Not only is he a total loser who doesn’t know how to make you feel good, hes also a douche bag, an ugly one for that! Secondly you are way too strong a woman for his family too, they are all a bunch of baboons, trust me I am talking from experience. Faith, being publicly put away by your husband is probably the best thing to ever happen to you. If you are smart enough, and I think you are and stay in your prayer closet, this will work out for your own good. Trust me.

Right now stay away from men, that lover boy of yours is no good for you either. He too doesn’t love you. Purify yourself, get close to God, smile, be happy, look after your children, stay with the people who love you, get your hair and nails done, watch a movie (I recommend Think Like A Man), stay positive and you will be just fine. I know its hard, but you can do it. Right now you are very vulnerable, and men can take advantage of you easily. So you need to stay clear off men, and find yourself, and be strong. Trust me darling, God will give you a husband in the fullness of time. A husband who will not put you away, okay. A husband who will adore you, and worship the ground you walk on. A husband with a family who will love you and treat you like a daughter.  A husband who will redeem you and take away your reproach. A husband who will not deny you. You will be the one saying, “not tonight babe I have so much work to do.”

If you ever read this Faith, contact me personally via email and I will give you ideas and help you on how you can turn this saga for your own good and move on with your life. By the way you looked absolutely stunning in the video, even when you cry you still pretty, and the dress you were wearing was just ace, you see you have a good fashion sense, and I personally think that horrible tete of yours is just jealous of you, she’s probably challenged in the looks department by the sounds of it. On a positive note Faith,  at least you were given your token of divorce (gupuro) by that tete woman face to face,  mine was given over the phone by some  woman called Lucy Mukucha Musuka who then threatened to burn my house down in the process. All because I reported Walter Masocha to the police. At least no one is threatening to kill you hun. Stay strong and keep your head high, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Yours truly from experience

Jean Gasho (Now based in UK)


  1. Ohh thank you for encouraging Faith. Sure be blessed my sister. Faith you are so beautiful and your children too. Keep strong for your children and stay with your children. do not allow the ugly man to stay with this ugly man. I wonder why he even invited his sister to this. Faith, i was heart broken by your video, be strong,best things are coming your way trust me. You are going to be big and even the car you are going to get to drive will be the best.you are too beautiful to experience this mhani.You can write to me too. Your Zimbabwe friend.

  2. Thats a very powerful message,We serve a God who gives us second chances. I like the mention of Rahab. God allows us to go through shame, humiliation and disgrace so he can purify, prune and prepare us for great things. You are not alone Faith. God still loves you. Shun suicidal thots and start afresh, u have a great life ahead of you and dont allow this shameful event to haunt you. A wise woman uses mistakes as learning curves and stepping stones. The greater the humiliation the sweeter the victory. The world may blame you but refuse to live under condemnation. I could feel the pain and regrets in ur cry, but believe me ….that was a very strong prayer to God. May the blood of Christ cover you and take away all pangs of guilt and self pity! You are a strong woman…. Let the light in you shine in this dark hour.All the best in your recovery. May God heal your emotional wounds.

  3. I, like many other people, was disgusted when I watched the video, that was out of place. It’s good to encourage this lady to pick herself up, but avoid making it a vengeful act. The man’s ugliness is neither here nor there, she fell for him as he is, and he remains the father of her children. And I like your example of Joseph, but just a correction, Rahab is not the only woman mentioned in Hebrews 11, Sarah is mentioned first in 11:11. Otherwise thanks for giving hope and advice to this woman.