Zimbabwe’s “Golden Girl” Kirsty Coventry Advanced to 100M Backstroke Semifinal in Rio

Kirsty Coventry Zimbabwe's Golden Girl won 7 of 8 Olympic Medals for Zimbabwe

At 32 years Zimbabwe’s Golden Girl Kirsty Coventry still got game. She fought so hard and managed to compete with teenagers and she qualified for the women’s 100m Backstroke Semifinal in Rio de Janeiro with the 11th fastest time of 1:00.13. She will compete in the Semifinal later on tonight

On August 11 Kirsty Coventry will compete again for the 200M Backstroke which is her favorite. She has won gold several times for this 200m Backstroke & Zimbabweans are so excited and can’t wait to watch  Kirsty Coventry compete.

Go Go Go our “Golden Girl” Kirsty Coventry….Win or Lose you are our Champion…We Love you !!!!