Zupco bus driver going to Bulawayo dumped passengers in Gweru & went to drink beer


A Bulawayo-bound Zupco bus travelling from Harare – registration number ABS7306 reportedly dumped passengers in Gweru town alleging that the bus has developed a fault. 

However passengers claim the driver was lying and was actually enjoying himself at a local bar.

Concerned passengers who phoned Bulawayo24 news alert team at 9.50PM allege the driver – whose name was identified only as Mashura was busy enjoying himself at a leisure centre known (name supplied) in Gweru while they were stranded.

Passengers alleged that Mashura told them that the bus had developed an air-lock hence he could not proceed to Bulawayo. 

ZUPCO Bus in Zimbabwe

Apparently he told passengers that they would be picked in the wee hours the following morning by another Zupco bus going to Botswana.

“We are stuck in Gweru. The driver left us an hour ago and got into a bar here in Gweru. He claimed the bus has developed a fault but right now he is drinking beer,” a concerned passenger who spoke of condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals said. 

“He told us that we will be picked by another Zupco bus later or tomorrow morning and has refused to give us refund so that we look for alternative transport,” added another passenger who sent a message to Bulawayo24.

Source: Byo24News