Afro jazz diva Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange is having a blast in the UK


Afro jazz diva Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange who is currently touring the United Kingdom is working on a new video titled “Tariro”, a love song, which the musician believes is going to make a mark in the entertainment circles.
Mangwenya who has been in UK for the past six weeks on a tour tilted “The One Nation, One People” said she decided to shoot the video abroad as she tried to be unique.

“I have been in England for six weeks now doing a tour called ‘The One Nation, One People’ hosted by Afrodays production and Lady Bimma,” she said.

“So I decided to then shoot a video here after seeing many video locations which just inspired me. The video was powered by Dream Team entertainment which is an arts promotion company here in England.”

Mangwenya said they were the force behind all the preparations for the video and sponsoring it with the help of other parties.

She believes that the production is going to be something good for her fans.

“I believe it is going to be striking mostly because of the change of climate considering the location I chose, with the surroundings included as well.

“My previous video productions have been great that is one of the things I will not take away from my video guys back home. I have so much respect for them,”she said.

Commenting on her tour experience, Mangwenya said Zimbabwe musicians despite the challenges of not having good equipment, they still come out with good videos.

“I was inspired by seeing how the people here do videos and there is room for improvement even with my local video production team,” she added.

“I will take time and nature my talent even in terms of continuing to study music in school. I am coming back home mid January,” she said.

This is her second time in England and has toured places like Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Leeds and is still to do Leicester and Sheffield where she will be holding her closing gigs this weekend.

Source: Herald