Another American Doctor Kills Lion in Zimbabwe & poses for pictures

Dr. Jan Seski poses with with animals he has killed as a part of Melorani Safaris.
Dr. Jan Seski poses with with animals he has killed as a part of Melorani Safaris.

The world’s most-hated dentist has some company.

Pittsburgh doctor Jan Casmir Seski has been identified as a suspect in another illegal bow and arrow lion hunt back in April near Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, the nation’s National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said in a statement Sunday.

Seski, 68, is a gynecologic oncologist and surgeon with a practice in Pittsburgh.

The authority did not release additional information on the April incident, but said a Zimbabwean landowner named Headman Sibanda was also arrested and is assisting police with their investigation.

Sibanda has been arrested on charges of breaching hunting regulations for hunting without a quota and permit at his Railway Farm 31. He also is the owner of Nyala Safaris, which conducted the hunt.

Messages left for Seski were not returned Sunday morning.

Pictures on social media show Seski, who has a hunting license in Alaska, is an active hunter.

A 2012 post from Melorani Safaris said Dr. Seski went on a 10-day hunt and “harvested some very nice animals” including a nyala, a type of antelope, and a giraffe.

“Congratulations to Jan on a very succesfull (sic) hunt!!” the post read.

In 2013, Seski’s practice pleaded guilty to a criminal charge of having caused the introduction of an unapproved drug into interstate commerce and was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine, according to  statement from the U.S. Attorney’s office of the Southern District of California.

The practice admitted to ordering $973,795 worth of foreign versions of oncology drugs between December 4, 2008 and May 25, 2011 that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the United States.

Seski is a suspect in an illegal lion hunt in April in Zimbabwe.MELORANI SAFARIS VIA FACEBOOK

Seski is a suspect in an illegal lion hunt in April in Zimbabwe.

Seski is the second American doctor who has been implicated in an illegal lion hunt in the past few months. In July, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer created an international outcry when it was discovered he killed a lion named Cecil at the park.

Palmer has gone into hiding the past week and is facing extradition back to the African country to face charges.

Palmer said he relied on his local guides to ensure his hunt was legal.

Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority said Saturday it suspended the hunting of lions, leopards and elephants in the region. Bow and arrow hunts were also suspended pending approval of the head of the director of the wildlife authority.

Online commenters were quick to vilify the latest trophy-hunting doctor.

“Another ‘person’ who is trained to preserve life, yet takes pleasure in paying to kill,” Elizabeth Stahlmann wrote on Seski’s office Facebook page.

“If you want to fund Dr. Seski’s illegal hunts and you approve of him giving his patients illegal drugs that are not FDA approved by all means go see him,” added Andrea Hansen.

Others were more direct, calling him “killer” “scum” and “sociopath.”