Breaking News: Bishop Manjoro’s wife dies-RIP Mother General


The wife of pentecostal preacher Bishop Bartholomew Manjoro, Apphia Clara Manjoro, has died. Mrs Manjoro’s death was announced late last night.While details were sketchy at the time of writing, the family announced in a statement, “We would like to announce that Mother General has graduated to heaven. Thank you for your prayers and support. They are felt and appreciated.

According to a family spokesperson Pastor Bartholomew Manjoro, the prophetess died on Tuesday night after a short illness. “It is shocking how she has just left us after such a short illness. She was running around during Easter celebrations time and everything was well “She fell ill seven days ago and passed on yesterday night. It is something we had never anticipated would happen and as a family we will greatly miss her,” he said. The Prophetess is scheduled to be buried on Saturday in Nyabira

Together with Bishop Manjoro, the prophetess formed Faith World Ministries in 1993.

The Manjoros branched out of Ezekiel Guti’s ZAOGA church in the mid 90s and started their own organisation, Faith World Ministries.

Bishop Bartholomew Manjoro and wife Apphia Clara Manjoro

Apphia Clara Manjoro (nee Marimazhira) was born in Gutu, a rural area south west of Zimbabwe, Africa. She was born to a wealthy and well respected family of nine; four boys and five girls. As a young girl growing up on the family farm, her father and mother who were farmers encouraged her from an early age to work hard, be courageous and not be afraid to take up chores normally reserved for men. Through her parents’ encouragement, Apphia grew up a well able domesticated young girl. She perfectly balanced regular farm chores reserved for women and also tackled those reserved for men and boys such as tree-cutting, milking cows, driving tractors and operating farm equipment.

Apphia grew up in a Roman Catholic family. Having a brother who was already a priest and serving God on a fulltime basis paved way for young Apphia to decide her career path at a young age. She says “My zeal to serve the Lord started when I was child. I have always felt burdened to help people so much that I concluded that the best way I could achieve this and at the same time be closer to God would be by becoming a nun. I felt that by being a nun I would be able to help people spiritually and otherwise.” Apphia concluded that upon completion of school she would enroll into a convent and become a nun. So adamant was the young lady that it took much counseling from nuns at the local convent to dissuade her. Her brother had soon after high school gone into full time ministry so for her to do the same would not be fair on her parents the nuns reasoned. They advised that what would be fair on her parents would be for her to get a job. This would allow her parents to enjoy benefits of a child in employment, and after a few years she could leave the profession and become a nun. Feeling for her parents, she took the nuns’ advice and took up teaching as a profession.

In 1969 Apphia Clara seriously fell ill suddenly and became partially paralyzed. The family tried all they could to get her cured, but all to no avail. Then one day her older sister who was based in the capital city, Harare, learnt of a pastor through whom God performed miracles. Apphia was taken to the pastor where upon she was prayed for and was instantly healed! She got born again and shortly afterwards received the Holy Spirit.
She began to preach and sing with her accordion in local townships, in buses, by streetlights and in most parts of the then Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and many Southern African countries.

In 1974 she got married to Evangelist Bartholomew Manjoro (now Bishop Dr. Manjoro). Together they travel preaching the word of God and healing the sick through God’s power.

Now affectionately known as ‘Mother General’, Prophetess Apphia who graduated from Christ from the Nations College (USA) in 1984 is a Reverend, an author, counselor, marriage officer, song writer, composer, conference speaker and teacher of the Word of God. She is also co-founder of Faith World Ministries and Bible College, and is founder of Virtuous Women Community.

Concerning ministry she has said, “My greatest desire is to see more women being used by God in the home, business, ministry and in leadership of all respectful nature. My prayer to God is that I want to see great prophetesses and anointed women rising and declaring the word of God”.

Pastor Clifford Mutibvu & wife Reverend Faithful Mutibvu

A mother of three – Pastor Batholomew Jr, Rev Faithful T. and Pastor Eloi. Prophetess Apphia is now also a grandmother. Their oldest son Pastor Jr, is married to Dr Ruwa whom she calls daughter-in-love and they have two sons, Bartholomew Nissi and Elisha Ezra. Reverend Faithful is married to Pastor Clifford Mutibvu and Pastor Eloi is married to Patience Manjoro (nee Miti).

Happy Times-Prophetess Apphia Clara Manjoro and Son Pastor Eloi Manjoro

Dr Manjoro and Prophetess Apphia’s three children are all graduates of Christ for the Nations USA. Bishop Dr Manjoro officially graduated with a Professorship in Missiology and Prophetess A.C Manjoro with a Doctorate in Divinity (as of 9th August 2014). They are anointed teachers of the word of God in their own right and are all in full time ministry.


Pastor Eloi Manjoro & wife Patience Manjoro

Eloi is also a musician and songwriter.

Prophetess Apphia enjoys gardening and writing. She has to date written seven books including Ierene – The Peace of God, Kiddushin – Sanctified Marriage, the Blessings of God, and Dictionary of Bible Proper Names. She has also written books to biblically empower parents especially in areas to do with pregnancy and child bearing through the Word of God.


She has a deep love for God and a fully yielded heart. She has an unusual balance of humility and a sweet gentle spirit”


My dreams are wild and very extreme and it is the favour from the Most High God to find someone who is like a lioness guarding her cubs, stands to guard your dreams, to see them come true, whispering a word of encouragement when the going gets tough and that’s my wife”.

Bishop Bathlowmew Manjoro and Pastor Eloi Manjoro

Dr Bishop Bartholomew Manjoro, Husband to Prophetess Apphia.

Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies. Many have role models in super models, in actresses, in people they do not even know. But for every aspect of life, I have found a role model in one woman. Before I even knew my own dreams, she already guarded them with her life. She is a mother, a sister and a friend and I could never ask for another. I would never change anything about her. She is a perfect woman who lives what she speaks.

Rev’, Pastor Faithful Manjoro, Prophetess Apphia’s daughter.