Breaking News: Pastor Evan Mawarire abducted by Police at his house (Video)

Evan Mawarire

Pastor Evan Mawarire was abducted by Police at his house last night. He was called yesterday by the Criminal Investigation Department boss (CID) to come to their offices today (12 July 2016). They told him that they wanted to ask him some questions & the man of God (Evan Mawarire) agreed to their request & he informed them that he was coming to meet them today morning.

Before he could go to meet the CID guys, he shared a video on his Facebook page to let the world know what was about to happen & he advised Zimbabweans not to give up. He encouraged people to go ahead & shutdown Zimbabwe again on Wednesday & Thursday if anything happens to him. After he posted the video which started going viral on social media the police came hunting for him. Only God knows what they are doing with him.

One of his Facebook followers confirmed Pastor Mawarire’s abduction & posted the following message on his Facebook page.

Pastor Evan Mawarire in handcuffs at his house, surrounded by police officers

“Pastor Ivan Mawawire has been taken by the police in Zimbabwe. Please pass this on to everyone and Lets start a prayer Virgil. Let’s stand United and pray for him.

☆☆ Hanzi the police changed their mind and picked him up this evening.
[7/11, 5:38 PM]

Pastor Ivan Mawawire has been taken by the police in Zimbabwe.
Although he had said in his last broad cast he will be going there in the morning It looks like the police were forced to take him because they are trying to get him to stop mass stay away scheduled for Wed and Thu.
Please pass this on to everyone and Lets start a prayer Virgil. Let’s stand United and pray for him”


A Zimbabwean pastor leading a campaign against the government’s handling of the economy has reportedly been charged with inciting public violence.
His own #ThisFlag Twitter campaign feed and the state-run Herald paper tweeted that Evan Mawarire was also being charged with disturbing peace.

Activists organised a “stay-at-home” protest last Wednesday and planned similar shutdowns this week.

It has mostly been organised on social media and WhatsApp using #ThisFlag.

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has worsened recently, leading to a chronic cash shortage and delays paying civil servants.

Pastor Mawarire was summoned for questioning by police ahead of a two-day “stay-at-home” protest called for Wednesday and Thursday.

I am now at CID Law and Order at Central Police. I’m going in healthy and strong. Pray for me! #ThisFlag #Evan Mawarire


Several hours after he reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Tuesday morning, the #ThisFlag Twitter account posted: “Pastor Evan Mawarire is being charged with section 36 for inciting public violence and disturbing peace.”

It included a video in which the preacher says: “You are watching this video because I have either been arrested or have been abducted. It’s a video we had pre-recorded for a day like this one.”

He ends his message saying that he hopes the shutdowns have been successful.

“Hold this government to account. Never let them get away with anything,” he says.

“Remember this flag is our flag, no-one else loves Zimbabwe more than a Zimbabwean.”

Pastor Evan Mawarire in handcuffs as police officers searches his house

In anticipation of his arrest he reminded his followers that even without him, the issues of the movement for change, now known as the Quiet Revolution, would “remain the same.” Even in his absence, he explained that the citizens of Zimbabwe are trying to “break fear.” Once again he spelled out the issues the movement has with their incumbent government. These are corruption, timely payments for civil servants, a reduction in Police roadblock checkpoints, and to stop Police brutality. Another point is that they want the government to end the proposed bond note issue, and to lift all import bans on basic goods



  1. Firstly, of all i do not think this is an abduction, rather abduction is an over statement.

    Second, this is an issue that is not good in Zimbabwe. You say something and you are penalised for it. Why does he need to be called to the police and to answer what? Zimbabwe government needs to learn to address the real problem on the ground. Families have suffered in Zimbabwe. The government do something about that. If you need to question anyone, police fire your question to the government. Evan is just a reaction of the actual problems.

  2. vakuru vedu vane utsinye vana vavo havaendi kuzvikoro zvemuZimbabwe, they don’t go kugomo, Bonna akanobatsirwa ku Singapore because baba vake vanoziva kuti mu Zimbabwe hamuna zvakamufanera because she is special but isu tiri imbwa hatirwadziwe, baba president inzwaiwo tsitsi