Cheating wife begs for another man’s anaconda, calls it the sweetest pleasure machine


A 36-year-old married woman is begging for the return of her jailed lover because she believes he has the sweetest manhood in the whole world.

Interestingly she had her man locked up on Christmas day after he attacked her with a knobkerrie.

But hardly a week after the suspect was incarcerated for the crime, the woman is already missing his PEN!S.

“It was so sweet, a pleasure machine. He was so hot in bed. When he was on top of me I felt like I was eating chocolates with snacks inside the bathroom, I want his PEN!S but he can rot in jail.” said the woman from Bekkersdal in Gauteng while she cried for his PEN!S during the jail visit.

The woman, who did not want to be named as she is married with kids, said her boyfriend attacked her after she refused his demand for s*x.

“I was chilling with my friends at a tavern on Christmas Eve when he just walked in from nowhere, thinking that my punani is a cheap biscuit. I refused to go with him and and told him we were history. Later as my friends and I were leaving we found him outside. Before I knew it he pounced and moered me with a knobkerrie on my head and I collapsed.

“I want him to rot in jail for what he did to me,” the injured woman told Daily Sun.

She said she started dating the 29-year-old suspect a few months ago when her husband left to visit family in the Eastern Cape.

She said because of the drought she started looking for action outside.

“We started having an affair and I ended up even moving into his place,” said the woman.

After a few months she realised the man was abusive and ended the affair.

Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane confirmed the incident.

The man was expected to appear in the Westonaria Magistrates Court yesterday.

Daily Sun.