Education minister’s statements concerning teachers that are currently working outside Zimbabwe

Male teacher standing before students (8-10) with hands raised
Dear Editor,

It is very disturbing and painful to read about Education minister’s statements concerning teachers that are currently working outside Zimbabwe. One just hopes it’s a dream that will ever remain what is….a dream.

The way we found ourselves outside the country was never an easy route,neither did we ever want to separate with our loved ones to be in loneliness in foreign land, abused, insulted, oppressed and undermined daily. One had to run around to do paper work and then look for a job whilst living as a squatter. All this involved lots of money.

The process was supposed to be easier with our own government giving us all the support we needed but our own people were very unfriendly and hostile.

I got an offer of employment by the South African department of education on condition that i brought a permit from Zimbabwe. I borrowed money to travel all the way to Harare,with all the papers needed in my hand ,that process having been facilitated by the SA government. When i got to Harare,i was met by a very hostile lady who refused to assist me asking..”mai tiza muchiendepi?.That’s none of our business..”.The more i tried to beg her the more she became arrogant. She showed me the door and shouted ..”NEXT!”. I felt like screaming, felt like sobbing like a child and decided to accept reality and went back to SA. The Dep of Education officials back in SA listened to my story and went all the way to help me after having been embarrassed and shamed by my very own countrymen.

For the minister now to say they want to track us and want to identify with us is really more than an insult. It really shows how some people have become so insensitive. Even now we go through very painful and difficult situations where our government could have helped but they didn’t. Really painful. The good thing is, God never goes to slumber.

Themba Tshuma

Source – Themba Tshuma