How Zimbabweans around the world celebrated New Year 2016 !!!


Most Zimbabweans in Dallas Texas were thrilled by the highly energetic girl in this video. Most people were asking, “who is this girl”? She really entertained people, even popular Dallas celebrity Bevan Makaka could not help it but just cheer her up in excitement.

Cheryl Kuzivakwashe Mujakachi the Pretty girl in the video.

This is how Zimbabweans in Dallas from Harvest International Church celebrated the New Year 2016. The combination of the 2 dancers was unbelievable, the 2 danced like they have known each other for a long time. The guy with those “happy feet” Arnold Alfanet is well known  for his amazing dancing skills but this anonymous girl left everyone in attendance clapping hands & shaking their heads in disbelief.

The girl can dance & she is a Zimbabwean based in Canada. Her name is Cherly Kuzivakwashe Mujakachi & she is a Finance student at Thompson Rivers University. At first you might think they were playing a CD because the sound was too good. Cleopas Simbi who used to play instruments for popular Gospel Diva Fungisai Zvakavapano  was one of the guys playing the instruments & this is how Harvest International Church (HIC) in Dallas Texas U.S.A celebrated new year 2016 !!!

Winky D captured in mid-air as he serenades the crowd at the Fill Up HICC Concert.
Winky D captured in mid-air as he serenades the crowd at the Fill Up HICC Concert.

Ninja President, Winky D now known as the gaffer led a packed Harare International Conference Centre into 2016 in sublime style on Thursday December 31 at the Fill Up HICC Concert.

The gaffer went on stage at 11 pm and began dropping one hit track after the other as the super-rapturous audience sang along like a mass choir. It was like at an assembly point, with the students singing the school song for the last time as they close-off the busy term and can’t wait to get lost in the holiday.

The energetic chanter breathed fire throughout his entire set, and anybody who was there can confirm that indeed the king is back and fellow dancehall artists need to return to the drawing board to match such levels.

The gaffer dropped a mixed bag of tracks from the old to the new, with numbers such as ‘Ini Ndiri Rasta’, ‘Musarove Bigman’, ‘Godo’, ‘Paita Party’, ‘Iwe woshora’ amongst many others.

Winky then led a count down into 2016 and ended his set with his current hit track, ‘Disappear’.

Jah Prayzah on stage, alongside Gonyeti…..Soja rinosvika kure

The show was wrapped-up by the most sought after artist of 2015, Jah Prayzah and his energetic band, with a stellar set that got the crowd dancing as if it was their last dance in a new leap year.

Again, as was with the case with Winky, because Musoja has produced a lot of material over the years, he was just dropping hit after hit and the crowd which was already in ecstasy easily flowed to his groove.

Zimbabweans celebrating 2016 at HICC Harare….Hokoyo ..Tapinda Tapinda

Dendera ace, Suluman Chimbetu was the first to go onstage, and he too was just amazing. The frenzied crowd ended up leading the dances and Sudza as his known by fans leapt of the stage and joined in the fun.

Sulumani Chimbetu on Stage at HICC

Other performers on the night were Roki, Alexio, Seh Calaz, Trevor Dongo, Ba Shupi, Bryn Kadengu and Maroja. They all did a splendid job.

Congratulations to all those behind the concert as they indeed managed to Fill Up the HICC.

Zimbabwe Socialite Rutendo Loveness Saurombe celebrating new year 2016

Harare New Year Celebration….Fireworks in Harare, People Celebrating 2016 !!