I’m beautiful and I won’t come back to Zimbabwe because there are better white men chasing me in London and you are nothing compared to them,” wife in UK tells hubby in Zim

Thembi Tlou holds a journalism degree and is a British-trained sports analyst working for Supersport

Out of sight out of mind, nearest dearest and less educated the better! 

That’s a template used by a Bulawayo man Chris Tlou (policeman by profession) who dumped his “snobbish” educated wife for their maid who hardly went past Grade Seven.

Sihle Tshabangu
Sihle Tshabangu

Thembi Tlou holds a journalism degree and is a British-trained sports analyst working for Supersport. But in the process of bettering her educational standing and shaping a career path, she has lost her husband of three years to their help Sihle Tshabangu.

A distraught Thembi broke down to B-Metro.

“He said I have been away for too long and he cannot live his life without a wife because of my unending pursuit for education. He said he would rather go for an uneducated woman,” she said.

Chris Tlou (policeman by profession)
Chris Tlou (policeman by profession)

Tshabangu staged a palace coup and Tlou is said to be at an advanced stage preparing for lobola negotiations despite having a legally binding marriage with Thembi capped with a white wedding.

His sister Lindokuhle Tlou let the cat out of the bag after realising that tables were turning. Instead of ordering the maid around, the maid had bragging rights in her brother’s house.

Since Thembi is in the United Kingdom the maid is said to have already moved into the main bedroom despite Thembi personally calling and firing her.

“I fired her over the phone but she’s still in my house,” Thembi added.

Chris is serious about replacing his wife and there’s no turning back.

“I don’t love the maid the way I Iove Thembi but I am a man and I need my woman’s attention. If she thinks her education is better than our marriage I have no choice but to marry Sihle,” he said.

His main problem is that his wife seems to be untruthful in her dealings.

“She told me the course was going to take 90 days and now it’s been nearly five months and she hasn’t been back,” he said, adding that he has been patient with his wife who once went to Australia for two years to study journalism but he can’t take it anymore.

“I had no problem with her travelling and studying overseas but now that her course has ended I don’t get why she is still there! Enough is enough, as a man I need my wife here and for her to respect me but it’s not the case with Thembi because she wants to do what makes her happy. I’ve decided to settle for our maid,” he said.

He added that at one time when he warned her she told him there are better men out there.

“She told me that she’s beautiful and she won’t come back because there are better white men chasing her in London and I’m nothing compared to them,” he added. Tshabangu has since changed numbers and Chris refused to give B-Metro her number. B Metro