Most African leaders are cowards who have no direction- President Robert Mugabe


Most African leaders are cowards who have no direction, President Robert Mugabe said yesterday while threatening to orchestrate a split of the United Nations.

Political analysts and local opposition leaders immediately dismissed Mugabe’s UN pull-out threat as unrealistic utterances of an abnormal old man which risked isolating Zimbabwe further.

Mugabe made this scathing attack on his colleagues, accusing them of failing to push — like he did — for reforms in the UN General Assembly. He said if the reforms were not forthcoming, Africa alongside countries like Russia, China and India would pull out of the UN.

He was addressing about 2 000 Zanu-PF party supporters at the Harare International Airport soon after touching down from the United States where he was attending the UN General Assembly.

He said although agreement was yet to be reached, the intention was to make the pull-out manoeuvres in earnest at the UN General Assembly next September.

“I don’t know if we are going to come up with a common decision. There are other countries who are cowards. Africa is now led by new leaders who are no longer members of the founding fathers of the Organisation of African Unity. It is now led by cowards only, without direction… It cannot only be Mr Mugabe who comes out calling for UN reforms,” Mugabe said.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Mugabe’s threats to pull out of the UN showed that he was now out of touch with reality.

“The UN is a body that encompasses the countries of the world. For him to say he wants to form a splinter organisation, it shows that he is not normal,” he said

“Mugabe is calling for reforms with too much passion, but he forgets that charity begins at home. He should reform his governance and avoid being a tyrant and despot. All right-thinking people would just laugh at his utterances.”

Political analyst Alexander Rusero said Mugabe was too idealistic.

“There is a divide between reality and a wish. It is very unfortunate on the part of the President to think that Russia and China could back their calls. The structure of the UN is reflective of the victors of the World War 2,” Rusero said.

“So Russia and China are comfortable, they cannot support an African cause. They have their own issues, for example, China does not want to see Japan as a vetoing power. The structure is likely to continue. Mugabe’s call although it makes sense, it is not possible.”

He added: “What Mugabe is saying does not resonate well with other African leaders. This will further isolate Zimbabwe. Mugabe is a loner in the wilderness. Other countries like Botswana actually want Mugabe himself to go.”