Mudhara Bhonzo in “tears”, overwhelmed by the love and support (Pictures)

Mudhara Bhonzo in Suit and “Timmy” in white shirt next to Bhonzo
Mudhara Bhonzo overwhelmed by the love and support
People come to support Mudhara Bhonzo at his house

Mudhara Bhonzo at his house with CDE Stanley Kasukuwere


Mudhara Bhonzo in hospital getting a checkup
Mudhara Bhonzo and Timmy -Timy (Timothy Tapfumaneyi) came to support his longtime friend Mudhara Bhonzo

Report on the Mdara Bonzo’s Donations by CST

A few days ago I posted about how we as a people are failing to support our own.
My case study was Mdara Bonzo’s situation.
After that I was tasked by Hon P Maziwisa together with Nomathemba Primrose Ndebele to arrange how Mdara Bonzo can be Assisted…

He linked me up with Cde Stanley Kasukuwere
And in those pics that’s me and him at Mdara Bonzos house in St Marys Chitungwiza

We got there..we din know where he stays…
We asked people in the street until we got to his house …
He was not there..
He stays by himself..
People in his community said Mdara Bonzo havabatike vanenge vachingofamba..imagine in this heat..
After driving around we met his very kind neighbour who I now know as Mr Sinyoro..
Takamusiira number and also asked him to tell Mdara Bonzo not to go anywhere so that we can come see him..

He called us and we went to Mdara Bonzo’s house today..
Mdara Bonzo spoke passionately about a pic of him and his mum that got burnt pakatsva imba yavo..
He is lonely, stressed and facing major financial challenges and this is also affecting him psychologically..
His voice is close to whispering and screaming..

Mr Sinyoro said Mdara Bonzo has kids in Diaspora. .

I do not want to judge anyone but I think we should take care of our parents no matter what!!!!

We took Mdara Bonzo to Chitungwiza hospital for a Medical Check up…many thanx To Dr Dhliwayo and all Chitungwiza hospital staff for your assistance..
His BP was high and we also arranged counciling sessions for him at the hospital..

Mdara Bonzo did so many adverts for many companies in Zimbabwe including the very popular perfection soap advert..

I encourage these companies to come through for this guy who contributed millions in these companies..
I also urge other Zimbabweans to help in any way possible..
We are presented the donations today at Mdara Bonzo’s house in St Marrys

Some are saying why help one person when millions are starving..
This is the culture that we want to promote of giving and helping each other..
This is also a way of appreciating the good mdara Bonzo did to this nation..

So let’s not look for his one is perfect after all

Let love lead…

Mdara Bhonzo Update

Many thanx to The CEO Of Hand to Hand Money transfer Mr Jefta Mugweni
He donated
A suit, Tie, Shirts shoes
And also Irene Office
Donated Chino trousers and a shirt..
And contributions from fellow Zimbabweans..

If your are in Chitungwiza let’s meet at Huriyadzo Shops at 3pm
St Marys
If you are in Harare
We are leaving Holiday Inn at 14:30

Let’s support our own