Open letter to Mugabe to repent or else …………….

President Robert Mugabe, a self-confessed Catholic, has been told to beg God for forgiveness for his catalogue of misdeeds over the years.

Three pastors, Ancelimo Magaya, Useni Sibanda and Kudakwashe Makuwe wrote an open letter to Mugabe advising him to repent.

“We also want to appeal to your conscience to repent before God for having presided over massacres in Matabeleland during the mid-1980s, torture, abductions and killings that have become part of your government, masterminding,” they wrote.

The pastors warned Mugabe that “God’s judgment is imminent if you will not repent”.

Some sections of the Zimbabwean community accuse Mugabe of masterminding the murder of more than 20 000 but he has never issued an apology.

The closest he has said was to anger more people by saying it was a moment of madness.

Source – Byo24News