Peter “Dhehwa” Moyo now working with Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)


Peter Moyo has decided to play an active role in keeping crime rates down as he volunteers to work with the Zimbabwe Republic Police on various projects. This comes after the artiste performed alongside the ZRP band in Chadcombe over the weekend during the Zimbabwe Republic Police Hatfield, Airport and Hatfield Traffic Service Charter Re-launch. In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Moyo revealed that he is part of the community therefore the need for him to make his contribution in society.

Peter Moyo
Peter Moyo

“This is just one of the many projects between myself and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, particularly the band. As you well know that the band usually performs some of my father’s song.” Moyo said deciding to do volunteer work was not an easy option. “It is quite pressurising in Zimbabwe to engage in voluntary work whilst you are on demand to perform shows,but I realised that sometimes we need to put self aside and play our designated rolls in society,” he said. Some of the songs that the “Young Igwe,” as he is popularly known, performed on stage include some of his late father’s tracks including “Naye” which was a hit with fans..

Source: Herald