Zimbabwe police torture women and make them clean the floor with their bleeding buttocks


We revealed this morning how the government of Robert Mugabe will use hammer and nail to negotiate with pro-democracy protesters who want a positive change in government so they can have enough to feed their starving families.

Below are some gruesome images taken few days ago that show how bad things are or rather how dangerous it is to express your opinion against government corruption and failure in Zimbabwe.



The above photos belong to Esther Mutsigiri and Gladys Musindo who were subjected to the most barbaric and heartless form of torture, indescribable.

First, they were beaten up to a point when bare, bloodied flesh was exposed.

They were then asked to sit on hard ground and forced to clean floors with their bleeding buttocks.

A court witness  had few words to describe these horrible acts!

“Something in the ranks of primitive and medieval justice system,” he said.

To add salt to injury, the police later apologised and pointed the finger of blame to the country’s leadership, after realising that their brutality would be scrutinised by media and members of the public.

Musindo and Mutsigiri were randomly picked in Harare without any solid evidence that they participated in last Saturday’s peaceful protests.

MDCT  MPs also tortured..Pictures of

Below are images of opposition MP for Glen View North, Fani Munengami, who was brutalised by police on 17 September 2016 during a demonstration.


Zimbabwe police, government violence


A Harare lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity blamed the person in charge of the country at the time of the weekend violence.

“I’m not surprised this happened, remember Mugabe was away and Mnangagwa was in control, here is the man who is on the brink of taken over from Mugabe and we know him well, I’m very upset with this,” said the man.